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Partners in the Gospel Update

Based on the feedback and input from the recent Partners in the Gospel consultation, proposed changes emerged for 25 parish families.

After consultation with the Priest Council and the Partners in the Gospel Oversight Committee, our proposed Parish Family has changed. Please see the Recommend Family Parish Document for details regarding the proposed change and why it was made.

We will have a second round of listening sessions. Specifically, the Archbishop wants to hear from parishioners in parishes with a recommended change to their parish family configuration.

St. Barbara second round of listening sessions are as follows:

Sunday December 3rd, 11:30 a.m. (right after Sunday Mass)

Thursday December 7th, 1:30 pm

Thursday December 7th, 7:00 pm

For those who wish to give feedback online, please use the following link provided by the Archdioceses.

All input is to be submitted by December 15.

More information may be found at the following links:

Archbishop Etienne's letter: English | Spanish | Vietnamese


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