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No Cross, No Crown

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sept. 3, 2023. (Jer. 20:7–9; Rom 12:1–2; Mt 16:21–27)

“…there could be no victory and no glory without the cross. Yes, No Cross. No Crown!”

What is the way to glory and victory in the kingdom of God? Jesus told his

disciples that he must first suffer rejection, be crucified, and then rise again on

the third day. In so many words he explained that there could be no victory and

no glory without the cross. Yes, “NO CROSS, NO CROWN”!

Jesus'; prediction caused his disciples great dismay and disbelief. That is why

Peter, (primus inter pares), who wanted to protect Jesus from any threat or harm,

rebuked the very thought of Jesus having to face rejection, condemnation, and


Life Message: Now, after calling him “Rock”, why did Jesus use the word satan;

when he addressed Peter in this instance? The word satan literally means

adversary: - one who stands in opposition. Hence, Jesus reminds Peter that his

role is not to be an adversary but a disciple - one who gets behind his Master to

follow with trust and obedience. Yes, “NO CROSS, NO CROWN”!

Jesus knew that the cross was the only way he could ransom us from slavery to

sin with the price of his blood which was shed for our freedom. Jesus told his

disciples that they, too, must be willing to lay down their lives in order to gain

new everlasting life with the Father in his kingdom. This means, we lose what we

gain, and we gain what we lose. Better still, when we try to run our life our own

way, we end up losing it to futility. Only God can free us from our ignorant and

sinful ways. Indeed, “NO CROSS, NO CROWN”!

Conclusion: Therefore, when we surrender our lives to God, he gives us new life

in his Spirit and the pledge of eternal life. In a nutshell, God wants us to be

spiritually fit and ready to do his will at all times. Because, when the human body

is very weak or ill, we make every effort to nurse it back to health. How much

more effort and attention should we give to the spiritual health of our hearts and

minds! A true disciple gladly gives up all that he or she has in exchange for an

unending life of joy and happiness with God. God gives without measure. Are you

ready to lose all for Jesus Christ to gain all, with Jesus Christ? Indeed, “NO CROSS, NO CROWN"!


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