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Hospitality Servers Needed

Our Donut Sundays have become increasingly popular and we are happy and thankful to see so many people socializing after Mass. We are soliciting for families willing to host and serve donuts on these weekends. We also need a coordinator to lead this ministry. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who would like to volunteer to help meet parish needs but with a minimal time commitment.

Donuts are currently served in the parish hall two Sundays each month following the 8:00 and 10:00 masses. We also need people who can provide refreshments and staff the table on Saturday evening to continue offering refreshments after the 5:00 pm Mass. Reimbursements for donuts and other refreshments is available.

We need enough volunteers to build a monthly schedule. More volunteers will allow us to spread out the frequency in which volunteers will host.

Please contact Polly March at 425-432-7685 if you are interested in assisting with this valuable ministry.


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