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Sunday Reflection - Feb 12, 2023

A Reflection on My Faith - By Kathryn Baker

I was born Catholic, baptized as an infant and raised in a Catholic family. I followed through the sacraments at the traditional pace and attended mass regularly with my family. While I always had a strong relationship with my faith, my connection with God grew exponentially when I became pregnant with my first child.

As a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a mother and a wife. I am truly blessed with an angel for a mother, and one of my aspirations was to be just like her. When I was blessed with my first pregnancy, I knew immediately, like most mothers, that this was my most precious responsibility.

Becoming a mother was the turning point for me in my faith. I was so grateful for this cherished gift that I turned my gratitude toward God. I began praying more and connecting more with God’s word. It was almost as if a line of communication opened wide and I could feel God with me.

Like most new mother’s I was naïve to all the complications that can affect a pregnancy. I was blissfully unaware until I was not. After a slight scare I met with my doctor to check on my baby for reassurance. My heart was wrought with fear when the nurse was unable to find my baby’s heart beat on the doppler. Alone in the exam room,waiting for the doctor, I turned to the Lord. I was so grateful for my baby and couldn’t wait to start a family with my husband, but was it all going to disappear? While my heart sank, I told God that I trusted in Him, that I knew He had a plan for me and our baby, and I completely surrendered myself to the Lord. In that moment I was terrified, but I knew I would be able to overcome what ever befell my family. The doctor was able to come in and my concerns were quickly relieved when she found my baby’s heartbeat loud and clear. Without prayer would I have been able to find peace in that moment of chaos? Talking to God helped me calm my typical overwhelming anxiety.

My very good friend once told me that "the Lord will not give us anything we can’t handle." I often reflect on this statement when my anxiety gets the better of me. Many ups and downs have occurred since my pregnancy 14 years ago with my first daughter. Our family has lost loved ones, we have endured medical emergencies and stressful moments that have challenged my anxiety; but I know that with the help of God my family has pulled through even stronger than before. I know with God and prayer my family and I can overcome whatever may come our way, and when we are met with glorious achievements we can celebrate with the Lord and show him our gratitude together.


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