Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When is Father Dave retiring?
A:  Father Dave's last weekend as pastor of St. Barbara will be June 26-27.
Q:  Where is Father Dave going?
A:  Father Dave will be beginning his retirement journey by renting an apartment in Covington, so he will be staying local for now!
Q:  Will we ever see Father Dave again?
A:  It is very common for retired priests to help out at Masses at local parishes, so we hope to see him from time to time!
Q:  Who is replacing Father Dave?
A:  Father Anthony Davis from Sacred Heart parish in Enumclaw has been appointed as pastor of St. Barbara beginning on July 3-4.
Q:  Will we be doing anything special to say goodbye to Father Dave?
A:  Yes!  Join us on the weekend of June 26-27 to say goodbye to Father Dave!  There will be wine & cheese following the 5pm Mass on Saturday evening, coffee & pastries following the 8am Mass on Sunday, and a parish tailgate on Sunday at 11:30am.  Bring your own picnic, dessert provided!  Decorate your car with a retirement/religious theme!