A couple of weeks ago I was in the parish office with an online (Zoom) meeting.  By the end of the evening I was getting very hot and wondering if I was coming down with a fever.  Checking the temperature of the room, it had warmed in to the 80’s.  No wonder, I was beginning to feel hot.  Opening a couple doors to get the evening cross breeze, within seconds the ‘fever’ was gone.  I suspect that many of us are more than a bit wary these days.  Especially in late September when we likely move toward more indoor Masses, we will need to be both cautious and open minded.  Just because someone coughs or sneezes, it does not mean they are spreading the Covid-19 virus.  It could be allergies, a cold, something irritating the nose or throat.  Let’s be very careful not to attend Mass when we are sick, but also let’s be slow to judge other attendees.

Blessings,  Fr. Dave


St. Barbara Catholic Church

32416 6th Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010



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