Our hearts go out to parents of young children as folks try to figure out how safe schools are, whether a child can learn sufficiently from home, whether a parent has to take time off from work to tutor, or if safe daycare is a viable possibility.  Our hearts go out to children.  Many look forward to school, most all are anxious to see and interact with friends again.  Those with learning disabilities are identified as most likely to slip behind the quickest.  It is one thing for us adults to have our lives upended, we hate much more to have our children experience this.  At the other end of the spectrum are our seniors.  Many are cut off from their loved ones, feeling like captives in their own living-spaces, and weary of an empty schedule with no clear end point.


It is no wonder people of all ages are on edge.  We all need to be a bit more understanding of one another in these days.  We also need to focus more clearly on what we are blessed with than what we are missing.  There are lessons and opportunities in this if we invite the Spirit to guide our course.


Blessings,  Fr. Dave

Pandemic Patience

St. Barbara Catholic Church

32416 6th Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010



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