A month or so back we conducted a survey to determine parishioners’ priorities as we move through these pandemic overshadowed days.  Thank you to all who took a few minutes to fill out the survey.  The results indicated interest in both outdoor and indoor services.  There is increased safety in being outdoors, but increased convenience indoors.  The desire for weekday Masses remained about the same as pre-pandemic.  In the comments, many appreciated the video Masses accessible through the parish web page and at the same time longed for when the community could gather again.


At present, the Saturday evening indoor Mass and Sunday morning outdoor service are reasonably well attended while still having room for additional folks.  There have been some requests to add further Masses, especially Sunday morning indoors.  We are doing the Saturday evening indoors because this allows for video as the weekend begins.  Video Masses have proved very important to the many who cannot attend public services at this point.  Each Mass, indoors or out requires far more time and planning than pre-pandemic indoor Masses, so additional Masses will only be added when attendance at the present Masses exceeds the proscribed attendance limits, or seasonal changes eliminate outdoor services.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move ahead the best we can.

Blessings,   Fr. Dave Rogerson

Survey of Masses

St. Barbara Catholic Church

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