It was very discouraging recently to read a syndicated columnist assert that we have entered a ‘post truth’ era.  The writer explained that partisanship and convincing others of a particular point of view had superseded any commitment to facts, objectivity, or truth.  We listen only to what reinforces our views and ignore whatever seems to contradict them.  Actually, I think the situation is even far more serious than that.  Truth has become weaponized.  Suckers look for the truth and their very desire to be considered truthful can be used against them.  Label them as liars and deceivers and the upper hand is gained.  If I hold no allegiance to the truth, I can feign hurt when others call me a liar.  But it really doesn’t hurt because those who have forsaken the truth believe it is actually all about persuasion, power, control, and effectiveness.  To the cynical, truth is the enemy of these.

In the Bible and in our texts for Mass, ‘truth’ surfaces frequently.  The closer we bond to Jesus and the more we allow Scripture to enter our hearts, the more we come face to face with the truth.  It challenges us and although it catches us up short, it also provides the opportunity for growth and new possibilities.  Let us always have the strength to embrace the truth.

Blessings,  Fr. Dave

TRUTH 2020

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