What a couple of weeks it has been.  Covid-19 making a resurgence in parts of the country and world where it was thought to be under control, violent deaths of unarmed people of color, demonstrations and rioting throughout the world.  Many people are already quite stressed by home-confinement, restricted outings, wearing of masks, being cut off from close friends and relatives.  Some folks in the parish and local media have offered some suggestions for dealing with these trying times.

-   Limit news watching.  Over-exposure can lead to the impression that all there is struggle and chaos.

-   Look for signs of hope.  For the first time in memory some are saying, rather than jumping in to fix problems, let’s first listen to those who aggrieved and find out what they think might actually help.

-   Nourish one’s own soul.  Find a quiet spot in a park, backyard, or corner of the house and relax into a bit of silence.

-   Reach out.  Call, text, email, or visit at t distance to help break down feeling of being alone and appreciate how we are in this together.

-   Acknowledge feelings and perceptions.  We can think we are doing just fine, but underneath we may have increased stress, anxiety or depression.  What we are feeling is OK, and by sharing it with others, we often rob it of its power over us.

-   Pray.  Prayer reaches out so that we stand in solidarity with those who have known loss, grief, discrimination or hatred.

-   Act.  Determine that ‘first’ think you can do that may have a positive impact.  Maybe start small and build on any success.


Father Dave


St. Barbara Catholic Church

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